I’m coming back

Published May 13, 2013 by Betty

After an extended absence due to work and life in general, I do have a couple of posts in development. The old neighborhood rant type of posts.

Part of what’s been occupying my time lately is the NHL playoffs. Some of you know I’m 35+ year New York Ranger fan. I never thought they’d make the playoffs this year. I’m not a fair weather fan, I’m simply realistic. I will be content if 1994 remains their only Stanley Cup in my lifetime-at least I’ve seen one. But another would be nice.

So far, I’ve let superstitions dictate my playoff viewing. And I’ve been trading game commentary texts with an old high school friend – all positively reinforcing our NYR support. After last night’s nail-biting game, I’m not sure I can sit through tonight’s game.

This morning I received the following text from my NYR fanatic friend:


My initial thought was to reply that I, too, thought the Rangers might fail. But to support Ovechkin? The Ranger buzzkill?

Thankfully, soon after she informed me it was a prank pulled by a Caps fan colleague of hers. I’ve resisted the urge to trash talk back. I don’t want to eat my words later. All I have to say is: LET’S GO RANGERS!!

12 comments on “I’m coming back

  • It’s been an exciting series. I just had to go around combined Verizon Center traffic and closed streets due to a National Police Week celebration. DC streets are hoppin’, and by ‘hoppin’, I mean, closed and full of pedestrians in buzz cuts.

      • Oh, not mullets. Truly buzz cuts. Every year around this time, it’s National Police Week and police men and women from all over the country come to visit. They frolick and cavort and such. The Verizon Center, where the Caps play and last night (very, very poorly) is close to the Police Memorial. It’s kind of cool — all sorts of uniforms and antique police cars. I got to see a lot of it while sitting in detoured traffic.

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