Leaving the Bubble: Vegas. Again.

Published June 30, 2013 by Betty

Well, it was time once again for a business trip to Las Vegas.  Honestly, I’m sick of the place.  I do feel it’s a destination that everyone should see at least once in a lifetime – it’s such a spectacle.  But enough is enough.  I lost count a few years back when I hit something like visit number 20.  For the record, they have never been voluntary trips.  Always work-related.

I’m not a gambler, nor do I care for the shows.  Especially when the least expensive ticket for any show starts around $100 AND after working at the convention center from 6:30am-6:30pm, it’s damn hard to stay awake past 10pm at my age.

This trip, however, was a bit different.  Our staff was booked at the Renaissance Hotel, a property with NO gaming and NO smoking.  There’s nothing worse than slogging through a casino at 6am to go to work and passing by people sitting at blackjack tables drinking scotch.  Gag.

But before I got to the hotel, I discovered that a three-plus hour layover in Charlotte was insufficient time to allow US Airways baggage handlers to transfer my luggage between my connecting flights.  Seriously.  Had I known it would be so difficult, I certainly would have had enough time to claim the baggage myself and recheck it through to Vegas.

A lot of people may moan about a three-hour layover.  But, as a NASCAR fan, I enjoy connections in Charlotte for the opportunity to visit the Stock Car Café at the airport.  As a so-called restaurant snob, I find the food leaves much to be desired, but who could complain about an establishment that offers wine with a choice of 6- or 9-ounce options?  I’ll have the triple grande Chardonnay, please!

Anyway, after checking into the hotel and advising the front desk that US Airways promised to deliver my luggage later that night (it was put on the CLT-LAS flight AFTER mine), I entered my room to see this image filling an ENTIRE wall:

Her name was Lola...

Her name was Lola…

This was the “art work” above the bed:

Here's your morning cocktail!

Here’s your morning cocktail!

Perhaps Lola’s head was meant to top Raul’s body?  But I think Vegas is the last place one wants to wake to see a headless body holding a cocktail above the bed.

But heads – or lack thereof – are never a problem when I travel for business.  This crew ships with me from event to event:

I ain't got nobody

I ain’t got nobody

After one event ends, the 50 bald heads get packed in a crate, shipped to and sit in a warehouse for a couple of months before they get shipped to the next event.  When (and if) they arrive at the next destination, inevitably they are dirty.  So it’s part of my job description to clean the heads.

I kid you not, part of my job description

I kid you not, part of my job description

Vegas would not be Vegas without a little bit of fun.  This year, it involved a house party where some people walked into the pool fully clothed and shoed in order to give a foot massage

When you walk 10+ miles a day on a concrete floor, any kind of foot massage feels good

When you walk 10+ miles a day on a concrete floor, any kind of foot massage feels good

and a birthday girl was treated to an impromptu striptease

Intentionally un-enhanced to protect the innocent

Intentionally un-enhanced to protect the innocent

Viva Las Vegas, my friends!

8 comments on “Leaving the Bubble: Vegas. Again.

  • I hope you sat in the rocking chairs at Charlotte Airport. Those things are the source of great pride here and there would have to be committees formed if you were in the airport for three hours and didn’t sit in the damned chairs. This is a very odd place.

    So, why the pants in the pool?

    (hi June B)

    • I dashed by them on my way between terminals B& C and instead sat among the fire suits and car parts hanging from the walls in the cafe.

      Four people went into the pool fully clothed. I can’t explain it. I work with some bizarre individuals. Although only two went in voluntarily.

    • Thoughtsy, if you go, you’d have to stay at the Bellagio because they have Jean Philippe Chocolate shop and it features the world’s largest chocolate fountain. It’s not one of those gross things where thousands of people stick in treats to cover with chocolate (or god forbid dirty fingers gaaahh). But the sweets shop is amazing, right up your alley. Google it.

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