Jealous Revenge – Dachshund Style

Published November 25, 2013 by Betty

At almost 12 years old, it’s safe to say the wiener dog is a bit set in her ways.  For nearly 11 years, she has slept by my side in bed.

Phoebe's usual sleeping spot

Phoebe’s usual sleeping spot

When I travel, she stays with my parents and sleeps in their bed.  However, during those visits, my father has to sleep in the guest room so that Phoebe can have half the bed along side my mother.

A few months ago, I started seeing someone new.  Over the last few weeks, there have been several nights when Phoebe has been relegated to a dog bed on the bedroom floor to accommodate an overnight guest.  I’ve done my best to make it comfortable for her with fleecy blankets and flannel pillow cases.

Because of her size and the fact that dachshunds can damage their backs if they jump on/off furniture, I have a custom-built ramp that she uses to access the bed:

The wiener dog's accessible bed ramp

The wiener dog’s accessible bed ramp

The first couple of nights when the new man stayed over, Phoebe would dash into the bedroom and up the ramp onto the bed.  She seemed to think that if she got to the bed first, she’d claim her usual spot.  We were willing to let her stay in bed, but when she discovered that Sam wouldn’t be sleeping in the dog bed on the floor, Phoebe would reluctantly head back down the ramp and snuggle into her fleecy dog pillow on the floor.

Last Saturday night, the same scenario played out. Sam occupied Phoebe’s side of the bed and Phoebe settled into her dog bed on the floor. When I woke up on Sunday morning, as usual I got out of bed around 6am to take her out then feed her breakfast.  After she ate, I left her downstairs and then went back up to bed to catch another hour or so of sleep.

By the time I went back upstairs, the sun was coming up so the bedroom was a bit lighter than when I’d gone downstairs. In the dim light of the room, I noticed something on the top of the ramp, on the left where it’s a bit of a platform.  I wasn’t wearing my glasses so I couldn’t quite make out what was on the platform.  I grabbed my glasses and looked closer at the ramp and what did I see? Is that a tootsie roll?! Nope, it was dog poo!

This was no accident.  Phoebe’s been reliably housebroken for more than 11 years and she was properly walked/emptied before bedtime.  This was clearly her not-so-subtle way of letting us know exactly how she felt about being kicked out of her bed. Who’s in charge here?

9 comments on “Jealous Revenge – Dachshund Style

  • Oh dear, Phoebe!

    Dogs certainly have a great way of telling you how they feel. I guess she’s saying ‘you pooped on me, now I’m pooing on you’.

    I really hope she gets used to her new place in the house ;)

    • So far, there have been no other poo incidents. Fingers crossed. But she’s also taken to sleeping on the pillow bed even on occasional nights when Sam is not here. She’ll usually crawl out from under the covers and head off the bed & down the ramp when I’m having hot flashes. I think she’s come to appreciate her own sleep space.

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