Can you help a neighbor out?

Published May 5, 2014 by Betty

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post about the neighborhood and my annoying neighbors. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything. It’s been a long cold winter and I haven’t gotten out much. And it seemed futile to rant about my neighbor’s plastic flowers and cruddy “statuary” that was planted around our shared front porch in March 2013 and stayed under several snow dumps through the recent winter.

But I digress.

At 9pm on Wednesday, my doorbell rang. As a single woman who lives alone, I find that somewhat alarming. Anyone who knows me would certainly call or text first. I cautiously peeked out the side window and saw my next door neighbor, The Long Talker. Great.

I opened the door with my arms firmly folded across my chest. (At that time of day, most women would do the same, having already shed the bra and wearing only the old XL tie dye t-shirt.)

LT was there to inform me that he’d be going away for a few days and asked if I would mind taking in his mail. No problem, LT. It would have been better if you’d simply dropped me a text, but sure, no problem. As I started to close the door, he then informed me that he was expecting a package from UPS and would I take it inside if it was delivered – our UPS and FedEx guys just leave packages on the porch without signature. Again, I told him I’d be happy to do it. Just go away and let me get back to watching hockey.

The next day, I pulled in his mail. As of 5pm, no packages had arrived and at that point I wasn’t really thinking about the package anymore. My friend arrived for dinner around 6pm and the porch was still package-free. About an hour later, I decided to take the wiener dog for a quick walk before beginning to prepare dinner. I opened the front door and could barely access the porch because of the five huge boxes that had suddenly appeared. Thank GOODNESS I had someone to help me pull them inside. Here’s “the package” Long Talker had asked me to tend:

delivery 1

I was mildly annoyed but figured, oh well – some day I may need the same favor.

Around 5pm on Friday, I opened the front door to find four more boxes:

Add the four on top to the existing five.

Add the four on top to the existing five.

Now I was really ticked off. But a short 24 hours later, it suddenly turned humorous when box number ten arrived:

At this point, it was simply ridiculous.

At this point, it was simply ridiculous.

I was quite grateful when he arrived home the next day. Any longer and I would have had to move out to accommodate what appears to be an aggressive home shopping habit. Thinking back over the last year that he’s lived there, and basically being home all day since I am a home-based worker, I do recall an unusually high number of visits to our building from our friendly local UPS and FedEx delivery guys. If these three days of deliveries are any indication, I suspect there is a serious hoarder situation going on.


11 comments on “Can you help a neighbor out?

    • Funny you should say that. The packages were addressed to names that didn’t exactly correspond to the name I know him as. That’s not terribly disturbing, many of us go by nicknames. But the electric bill that came in the mail was addressed to a completely different name. And it wasn’t as if it was a former tenant-I’ve known the names of all over the last ten years. It looked to be a current bill with proper address, different name.

  • “A” package?!! Seriously? And you didn’t peek into any of them? Goodness. I wouldn’t want to be around when the SWAT team or the Bomb squad arrives. Might put a real crimp in a quiet weekend. Neighbors – sheesh!

    • Oh, I was curious alright! The boxes appeared to be from tv shopping channel type things. But they weren’t any that I’ve heard. Even more curious, Long Talker still has Florida license plate on his car (has lived here in CT just over a year) and doesn’t seem to have a job. We do talk (hence the name Long Talker) and occasionally he’ll mention the possibility of looking for employment. He’s not old enough to collect social security (early 50s) and I’m pretty sure he’s not independently wealthy. Our condo complex is not where someone like that would choose to live. A mystery for sure.

  • You mentioned home shopping in a comment. You really might have a hoarder in the bubble. I worked a couple situations where hoarders died in their homes. One woman had a house full of home shopping network boxes. Most of them were not opened. They were stacked so high I was worried they’d fall and crush me.

    You might need to go look in the windows the next time he heads out.

    • As a matter of fact, a box was delivered to his door yesterday afternoon. His car is there. The box was still outside this morning. He has a dog. Could possibly be taking dog out via deck exit but that would take him right by my window.

    • In the last several days since this post, at least five more packages have been delivered. What I’ve also noticed is the empty boxes are never put out for trash or recycle so it’s got to be a total hoarding scene inside.

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